I don't like the Chinese virus / Wuhan pneumonia name either. However, what frustrates me is many complaining are the same people who complained about the "PC-wave", "language polices" etc., even those who cheered for Trump's election as a victory against "political correctness".

It would be really nice to see a little bit of reflection. If we really care about these languages, maybe stop calling the Japanese "Devil", the Indians "A-san", the Muslims "Greenie", (1/2)


, the American liberals "white lefties", the American-right "Redneck", and the Russians "hairy",and maybe the diplomats (!) can stop playing conspiracy theories and accusing the US of spreading it, and the semi-official media can stop using a celebratory tone to report the dire situation in other countries. (2/2)

Making it worse, this incident is being used as an excuse to promote cold-war style propaganda, claiming "this is a media war against China". So the focus soon shifted from reflecting on "what we did wrong" to proving"there is nothing we could have done". (3/2)

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