So basically, Kurt Volker's line was "I pushed the Ukrainians to say they will investigate the Burisma, because I thought it would assure the POTUS that Ukraine was serious in their _anti-corrupt_ efforts."

From his point of view, he was only helping the UKR to counter an unfavorable view of POTUS with a stmt, so a) he did not know where the unfavorable view came from b) the only reason he thought why the stmt needed to mention Burisma/2016 was it'd impress the POTUS. 1/2


And Sondland's line was he _presumed_ a condition for the meetings, etc. So he had goodwill but was ignorant. Both are carefully chosen positions. But Volker's explanation has a larger wiggle room. As Volker could claim that he did not see or engage any quid-pro-quo, it's only about changing the optics of the Ukraine government. In reality, both *probably* knew what's going on. However, their position can make it hard to pin this on Trump directly. 2/2

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