Wuhan is on lockdown and some Twitter people are cheering for it. "Should have done that sooner," they say, "and ban all the mainland passengers."

Always amazed by people's faith in freedom.



和00-09年比起来,10年代可能真的算不上一个好的十年:政治气候让人失望,技术创新也没有什么大的突破。十年里最让人兴奋的硬件大概是10年的iPhone 4。从内容的角度上来讲,互联网,特别是中文互联网从开放一步步走向封闭,大量有价值的内容被封闭在微信微博知乎的登录门槛之外,少数平台提供商对舆论渠道有了绝对的控制权。“全网删帖”在2010年恐怕是难以想象的事情。



t.co/huYFm7otMi t.co/8ad7kkRk2B

And Sondland's line was he _presumed_ a condition for the meetings, etc. So he had goodwill but was ignorant. Both are carefully chosen positions. But Volker's explanation has a larger wiggle room. As Volker could claim that he did not see or engage any quid-pro-quo, it's only about changing the optics of the Ukraine government. In reality, both *probably* knew what's going on. However, their position can make it hard to pin this on Trump directly. 2/2

So basically, Kurt Volker's line was "I pushed the Ukrainians to say they will investigate the Burisma, because I thought it would assure the POTUS that Ukraine was serious in their _anti-corrupt_ efforts."

From his point of view, he was only helping the UKR to counter an unfavorable view of POTUS with a stmt, so a) he did not know where the unfavorable view came from b) the only reason he thought why the stmt needed to mention Burisma/2016 was it'd impress the POTUS. 1/2

Really bad day to be busy - sounds like the testimony is _mildly_ interesting.



So no Medicare for all candidates can say one simple thing clear - employer-based insurance is annoying for everyone, and single payer gives government more power to negotiate. Is that really so hard to say or so risky to say?


My view on Greta Thunberg builds on one thing: are we doing enough about climate change? If not so, what exactly is the harm about climate gaining some attention via protests and symbolic movements?

Many attacks about Greta Thunberg point to her "bringing no real solution". In fact, Sweden and nearby airlines recorded a reduction in travelers partially because of climate protests. Educating people about the climate IS part of the solution.t.co/9WQqmEK1xe?amp=1
The problem of climate is more than "We need a solution." Some solutions, like hybrid cars, existed for a long time. It's also about people and the government's unwillingness to act. 1/2









b) Obama administration forfeited public option to get support for the ACA, it got attacked, became a political liability and caused Dems two elections, and got repealed anyway.

c) Clinton had a relatively moderate platform. It's not like she won the presidency. d) And look like what happened to the moderates on the right like Kasich. So tell me, why should someone on the left trust this time would be different?

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